WoodCare specializes in the highest quality wood restoration and protection.  We ademately strive to make our products and services the best in the industry. 



WoodCare enhances the appearance of the exterior wood around your home or commercial property. All WoodCare products are V.O.C. compliant and oil based.


WoodCare experienced staff will recommend the best color for your home or commerical property.  We offer 3 colors:

  • Golden Oak

  • Western Red 

  • Classic Cedar


WoodCare products protect your wood and minimize deterioration from mildew, algae growth, rot & decay, surface graying, and degradation from Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the sun.


WoodCare will make every effort to protect your home, landscaping, pools, concrete, driveways, etc. during the application process.  Once we have completed the project, we will complete a thorough cleaning of your steel posts and fence hardware. 


Our services include Fence Installation and Fence Repair.  WoodCare takes great pride in satisfying our customers. 

Interior Painting

Our services extend to Interior & Exterior Painting. We can enhance with a Crown Molding Finishing Touch. (See pics. on first page)Establishing a reputation of precision & quality.  

WoodCare Custom Services, LLC

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